Camps & Clinics

Every Champion Spirit Group Private Camp and Clinic begins with our pre-camp evaluation where we:

  • Thoroughly assess the current level of your team members
  • Decide what type of camp will most effectively help your athletes accomplish goals set for camp and the entire season
  • Discuss your expectations of what you want to achieve from your camp
  • Determine the major focus of your camp: what area(s) need the most improvement based on your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish your main priority: the most important thing you want your athletes to gain from camp

From here, we build your camp itinerary and then send you the right staff to help you reach your goals.

Note: There is a minimum participant count of 12 participants for any camp, clinic, or workshop.

Choreography Camps
Description: Learn a complete competition routine at the ability level of your team.  Your routine will include:

  • Custom Routine Music Include in Price
  • All choreographers have extensive judging experience with all scoring grids
  • All routines include a custom routine map
  • All routines include a computerized formation chart
  • All routines include a computerized 8-count sheet
  • Amazing Stunt Sequences (at your ability level)
  • Pyramids (with transitions)
  • Awesome Jump Sequence
  • Visual Dance Segments
  • High Energy Cheer/Motion Tech Segment (when desired)
  • Basket Tosses
  • Unique Transitions
  • Original Tumbling Sequences

Times: 4 hour per camp day (time of day is negotiable)

$155 per person (2-day camp) / $195 per person (3-day camp) / $225 per person (4-day camp)

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Skills Camps
Description: Skill Camps can include tumbling and/or stunting (beginner through advanced).  The safety of your team is our #1 priority.  We provide your athletes with lots of personal attention to help them gain the skills they need to be competitive.  You can build your camp curriculum from the following:

  • Stunt Safety & Spotting
  • Proper Stunt Grips
  • 3, 4, or 5-person Stunt Groups
  • Creative Load-ins
  • Dismounts & Cradles
  • Creative Pyramids
  • Stretching Exercises for Flyers
  • Strength-building Exercises
  • Pyramids with Inversions
  • Twisting ups/Twist Downs
  • Exciting Release Moves
  • Basket Tosses
  • Tumbling Safety & Spotting
  • Proper Progressions
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Tumbling Instruction
  • Specialty Tumbling Passes
  • Routine Incorporations

Times: 3 hour per camp day (times are negotiable)

Price: $50 per athlete (per day)

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Cheer Camps
Description: Amazing custom camp designed by you.  Our Cheer Camps are cost-effective and convenient because they are held at your gym or school.  One of our professionally trained staff members will speak with you prior to your camp to help analyze your program’s strengths and weaknesses.  Your curriculum can include any of the following:

  • Proper Stunt Technique
  • Full Downs/Double Downs
  • Creative Load-ins
  • Stunt Transitions
  • Cradle Technique
  • Cheers with incorporations
  • Sideline Chants
  • Pyramid Transitions/Sequences
  • Fun Dance Routines
  • Stunt Safety & Spotting
  • Basket Tosses & Drills
  • Motion Technique Training
  • Jump Technique Training
  • Jump Sequences
  • Tumbling Instruction

Times: 4 hour per camp day (times are negotiable)

Price: $65 per athlete (per day)

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Description: We customize your clinic/workshop to meet your individual needs.  Here is an idea of what we can do for you:

  • Stunt Clinic – Focus specifically on better building techniques, partner and/or group stunts, transitional elements, pyramids, creative intros/exits, and dismounts.  We can also clean up your competition routines via video or in-person.
  • Routine Clean-up Clinic – Have a senior instructor clean and polish your competition or halftime routine.  We will also give you choreography and performance tips.
  • Tumbling Clinic – Let our tumbling instructors come out and teach proper tumbling technique for all levels.  We can also teach great conditioning/drills to add power and technique to your standing and running tumbling.
  • Tryout Clinic – Do you need tryout material or judges?  CSG can send staff to work with your prospective athletes during the days leading up to tryouts and then follow-up with a one-day clinic for your new team.  We can also provide qualified judges for your tryouts, to add a non-biased, yet educated opinion to your tryout process.
  • Fall/Winter Clinic – Learn cheer, chants, stunts, dances and have lots of fun as if you were at camp.

Times: Minimum of 2 hours per clinic/workshop (times are negotiable).  5 Coach Minimum for Coaches Workshops.  12 athlete minimum for all clinics and workshops.

Price: $20 per person (per hour)

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