CSG Dance Nationals

March 10-11, 2012
March 1-2, 2014

Schaumburg Convention Center

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Welcome to CSG Super Nationals
Thank you for your interest in attending CSG Dance Nationals. This is the flagship event for Champion Spirit Group. Our goal is to always provide a quality competition experience for every athlete, every coach, and every spectator.

9 Total Worlds Bids!!!
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CSG Dance Nationals
Our 2-Day Worlds Qualifying Event with 200+ teams
from more than 10 different states and 2 countries!
Event Info

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Feesincludes 2nd performance at no extra cost!

$120 per person (prior to August 1st)
$130 per person (prior to January 2nd)
$135 per person (prior to February 2nd)
$145 per person (after February 11th)
$65 per person (school & recreation teams)
$65 per person (crossovers)
$45 per person (individuals, duos, & groups)
$20 per person (1-day adult pass)
$30 per person (2-day adult pass)
$18 per person (1-day student/senior citizen pass)
$25 per person (2-day student/senior citizen pass)
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Awards & Gifts
Team Awards available:
8 Bids to the 2014 Cheerleading Worlds - Bid Declaration
9 Bids to the 2014 Dance Worlds
- Bid Declaration
Paid Bids to
The ONEBid Declaration
Tournament of Champion Platinum Bids
Divisional Awards for every team

National Champion Banners

National Champion Green Hoodies

Grand Champion Award

High Point Winner

Top Small Program (3-5 teams at event)

Top Large Program (6+ teams at event)

Best Choreography, Dance Technique, Dance Costumes

Individual Awards & Gifts available:
Gold, Silver, Bronze Medallions (1st – 3rd place teams)
Individual Trophies for every member of 4th grade & under teams
Commemorative Competition Gift
Individual, Duo, & Group Competitions available
Global JBS is the hotel partner for all Team Champion events. Click the link below to access the CSG Dance Nationals Hotel Booking Page.

CSG Dance Nationals Hotel Booking Page

If you need assistance with making your hotel reservations, please contact Global JBS at 561-290-1200.
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All teams will compete both Saturday and Sunday at CSG Dance Nationals. All individuals will compete ONLY on Saturday.
Awards for all individuals, duos, and groups will take place on Sunday during the team awards ceremonies.
2013 CSG Dance Nationals
Past Attendees
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Spectator Guide
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The 2014 CSG Dance Nationals will take place at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center.
Click the links below to visit the hotel or convention center websites.
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center
Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel
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Local Attractions
Are you looking for fun family activities to do when you aren’t busy rockin’ the floor at CSG Dance Nationals?
Here are a few links to help you make your social plans:
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