What are the general event times and what time do we compete?

A general schedule will be available on the website two Mondays prior to the actual event. This schedule will include when the doors will open, session start times, and approximate times for awards. Performance orders and warm-up times are posted no later than 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to the event. All crossover conflicts must be reported by Noon (CST) on the Wednesday prior to the event. CSG will try to accommodate all conflicts, but we may have limited flexibility due to session times. To view either schedule, visit that event page at www.championspiritgroup.com.

Can a cheerleader or dancer participate on more than one team?

Yes.  CSG refers to any athlete that is involved in more than one team performance as a “crossover”.  As long as the athlete adheres to the grade/age guidelines of each division in which they are competing, there is no limit on the number of teams on which they can compete, outside of the USASF rule that an athlete may not compete on more than 3 all star cheer teams.  The athlete must pay the full registration fee for the first team and will pay the discounted crossover rate for each additional team they compete with.

What is the difference between a Challenge, Championship, 2-Day Championship, and a Specialty Event?

  • A Challenge is a one-day competition (with a reduced fee) that has no gifts and a reduced event production (this includes Cheer 4 the Cure).
  • A Championship is a one-day competition.  Championships have a higher production level and participants receive a FREE commemorative competition gift from CSG.
  • A 2-Day Championship is a two-day competition.  All teams compete once on Saturday and once on Sunday, and final placements are determined by the average of their two performances.  2-Day Championships have a higher production level, and participants receive a FREE commemorative competition gift from CSG.
  • A Specialty Event can be a single or multi-day event. Specialty Events can be exclusive to only certain types of teams, have different pricing, include professional sporting events, theme parks, or other unique events. Details for each event can be found under “Events” section of the website.

What are the time limits for routines?

  • All-Star Cheer Routine – should not exceed two minutes, thirty seconds (2:30)
  • School/Recreation Cheer Routine – Should not exceed two minutes, thirty seconds (2:30).
  • Dance Routine – should not exceed two minutes, 30 seconds (2:30), but should not be shorter than one minute, 45 seconds (1:45)..
  • All Individual and Small Group Routines – should not exceed one minute, 30 seconds (1:30).
  • Stunt Group – should not exceed one minute (1:00).
  • Jump and Tumble Challenges – have no time limit. However, each performer should enter, perform required skill sets, and exit in a within a reasonable time frame.

Can we get a refund or transfer our registration to another event?

Refund requests will be handled in the following manner:

Cancellations or Drops received prior to the “on-time” registration deadline will be eligible for a full refund.
Cancellations or Drops will ONLY be accepted via our online change form.
Cancellations or Drops received between 15-29 days prior to the event will be honored, but a cancellation fee equal to 50% of your registration payment will be assessed.
All cancellations or Drops received within 14 days of the event will be processed.  However, all registration fees at this point are non-refundable.

Note:  Any refunds (for overpayment) will be processed within 14 days of the conclusion of the event.

Transfer of fees to a future event will be handled in the following manner:

15-29 days prior to event: 75% transfer of overpaid fees toward a future Team Champion event
8-14 days prior to event: 50% transfer of overpaid fees toward a future Team Champion event
7 days or less: No transfer allowed

Can we get a refund or transfer for individuals?

Yes and No.  There are no refunds for individual participants at any time.  However, the dropped participant can be replaced with someone else from the program, as long as they fit the division age/grade requirements and compete in the same division.  These transfers must occur no later than the Wednesday prior to the event at Noon CST.

Can we change divisions once we register?

Yes.  Division changes are allowed at no charge at any time prior to Monday prior to the event.  After this deadline, a division change fee of $50 will be enforced for each division change request.  Please note that this can be imposed to a team changing their participant counts or team make up (all girl vs. coed), which then requires the combining/splitting of divisions.   Absolutely NO division changes are allowed within three (3) days of the event.

If I have a question about a CSG rule or a USASF rule, who should I contact?

Any questions regarding a Champion Spirit Group rule or policy can be answered by contacting the CSG Headquarters at 1-866-397-3034 or e-mailing your regional director, registration director, or the general CSG email at info@championspiritgroup.com.  A CSG Staff member may request that some questions be presented in writing.

A USASF/AACCA Rule may only be answered if a video of the skill/section in question (no full routines) is sent in to Champion Spirit Group, Attn: Rules Interpretation, 245 W. Roosevelt Rd. Unit 5, West Chicago, IL 60185.  All official rule interpretations must be submitted on a DVD, via email, or YouTube link.

All videos must contain:

1. A front, side and back view of the skill/section in question (do not send entire routines).

2. A letter stating the question/request.

3. School/Team Name and Event/Division entering.

4. Coaches Name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address.

All official rule interpretation requests must be received at the CSG Headquarters office at least 14 days prior to the event you are planning to attend. Rule Interpretations are deemed legal or illegal by how the skill appears in that video and not how it is performed at the event. Please keep in mind that the execution of the skill may still lead the skill to be illegal at the event, but not in the video. Please keep a copy of what you send us as well as any correspondence you receive from us for your records. Only official rule interpretations from the CSG Headquarters will be permissible at any events. In addition, any CSG rulings are NOT to be used at events held by other event producers.

What do we do when we arrive at the venue for the event?

When you arrive at the venue, please follow the signs to the main entrance and look for the Team Check-In sign.  This is where a coach/director will need to go before you begin your scheduled practice time.  Here, you will check in, receive your schedules for the day/weekend, pick up your coach and participant gifts (when applicable), as well as any other last minute details pertaining to the event.  Please check-in at Team Check-In (COACHES ONLY) at least 1 hour before your first scheduled practice time.

Can the participants use ‘glitter’ at the event?

Yes and No. The participants are allowed to use glitter, make-up, face decals, etc. at most venues. However, there are a few venues that do NOT allow glitter at their facilities. This will be noted in your Event Information Packet. We ask that you please be considerate of others and to the arena or convention center when spraying your glitter.

Are coaches allowed to be on the floor to help line up their kids?

Coaches are allowed to help line up kids for TINY, EXHIBITION & SPECIAL NEEDS DIVISIONS ONLY. Coaches are not allowed to be on the stage/performance floor for any other divisions, with the exception of spotting routines. Coaches can always sit/kneel in the designated coaches area or VIP seating area (if applicable), which is typically located in front of the performance floor.

Does Champion Spirit Group provide routine spotters?

No.  In an effort to provide a safe performance environment, Champion Spirit Group is allowing programs to provide their own routine spotters. We feel that a skill that is not performance-safe should not be on the performance floor.  However, we feel that by allowing programs to put knowledgeable routine spotters on the floor that are familiar with the performances and areas of the performance that may need special attention, will enhance the overall safety of the competition environment.  Champion Spirit Group will allow teams to provide up to four (4) of their own routine spotters for each of their competition performances.  It will be up to the discretion of the coach how many routine spotters, if any, they choose to use.  These spotters are not allowed to assist in any skills, or count/cue the athletes.

Who judges the Champion Spirit Group Events?

CSG hires industry leaders as judges from all over the U.S.  Our judges include former collegiate cheerleaders and dancers, top-notch gym/studio owners/choreographers, directors and coaches.  All judges have years of experience at all levels in the cheerleading and/or dance industry.

Can we see our score sheets after the event is over?

Yes.  Each team’s score sheets are available immediately after the awards ceremony. Designated coaches are the only ones that are able to pick up the score sheets. At a two-day event, a printout of that team’s division standings will also be provided. Final standings for the entire event will be posted on the CSG website by 5PM on the Wednesday following the event.

Do we need to qualify for CSG 2-Day Championships or Specialty Events?

No.  Any team can compete at our Challenges and our 2-Day Championship events. Teams can earn discounted registration rates to our CSG Tournament of Champions by placing in the Top 3 at any of our CSG events throughout the season.

Does it cost to park and where do I park for a CSG Event?

Parking is different for each CSG Event. Some facilities have their own parking lots and some use public/private lots for events. Each facility has the right to determine if there is a charge for parking. The parking fee for each event will be posted on that events page on the CSG website. For a definite answer, contact the arena or convention center or visit their website for directions and parking locations. CSG is not responsible for inaccurate parking information, as we relay what we are informed by each venue. CSG does not receive proceeds from any parking fees collected at an event.

Are video cameras and photography allowed at CSG Events?

NO!  Videotaping is NOT allowed at our events.  Spectators are allowed to take photos with digital cameras only (no high-speed action photo lenses allowed).  The link to action photography shots will be available on the CSG website following the event.  Participants at all 2-Day Championships will receive a FREE Photo CD of the action photos from their team’s Saturday performance at that event.

How do I order photos and videos?

Many times, photos and videos will be available for purchase at the event.  For ordering after the event, photos and videos will be available online the week following the event.  Don’t forget, participants at all 2-Day Championships will receive a FREE Photo CD of the action photos from their team’s Saturday performance at that event.

Are we allowed to have signs, balloons, etc.?

Helium balloons are generally not allowed in the arenas and convention centers. Non-helium balloons are generally acceptable. Feel free to check with the appropriate venue for a definite answer.  Signs are acceptable and encouraged by CSG rules. However, we encourage all spectators to use discretion, so that they do not block anyone’s vision and do not cause physical damage to the venue. You may want to check with the actual arena or convention center for their specific rules regarding signage.

Are noisemakers allowed?

Yes.  Noisemakers are acceptable as long as they are not used obnoxiously. Please be courteous to others around you. If we are getting complaints, you may be asked to discontinue using them.  Airhorns are NOT allowed at any CSG events.

Can we save seats for our team’s fans?

No.  All CSG Events are general admission seating, which means first-come, first-serve.  We ask that you do not save seats for others arriving later or for a team that is practicing or performing.  We also do not allow the placement of bags in chairs. The CSG staff may remove any bags left in chairs if it is deemed necessary.  Priority Viewing will be available at most CSG Events (depending on the venue and its regulations) for fans of the competing team!

Can we bring food and/or beverage into the venue?

No.  Most venues do not allow food or beverage to be brought into the venue. All bags are subject to check by venue and/or event staff.  Please check the event page on the CSG website if there are exceptions to this rule.