The 10 Best Casino-Themed Songs

Over the years, the thrill of betting has always been an inspiration for musicians.

So if you are looking for songs that put you in the mood while playing at Betway’s online casino, here are the top 10 songs.

  1. Luck Be A Lady – Luck is a woman

Artist: Frank Sinatra

Release year: 1950

Frank Sinatra was a regular at Las Vegas casinos in the 1960s, by which time they were in their prime.

He was in fact the perfect candidate to play player Nathan Detroit in the musical “Guys and Dolls”.

His main song saw him praying to the gods of Craps, an American game of dice, to be on his side.

  1. The Gambler – The Gambler

Artist: Kenny Rogers

Release year: 1978

Country music legend Kenny Rogers has given birth to many famous songs throughout his career.

However, none are on par with the song that tells of when Rogers, while on the train, met a mysterious player who gave him valuable advice.

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold’ em.”, Or “You have to understand when to hold the cards and when to fold”. Good advice, especially if you are bad at poker.

  1. Waking Up In Vegas – Waking Up In Vegas

Artist: Katy Perry

Release year: 2009

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”, Or “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, so goes the famous line of the song.

And pretty much everything that happened to Katy Perry in 2009 that she probably should have stayed in the city of sin.

In any case, we owe her bonus points for having two must-see Las Vegas experiences: dressing up as Elvis and getting married.

  1. Deuces Are Wild – The two are wild

Artist: Aerosmith

Release year: 1994

Rock bands can’t resist gambling metaphors, and Aerosmith are no exception.

These American musicians in fact sing about a girl whose “two are wilds” (“deuces are wilds”), or the video poker card that can complete any pair.

The song is part of the “ Big Ones ” album, the title of which isn’t exactly romantic.

  1. Snake Eyes – Snake eyes

Artist: Mumford & Sons

Release year: 2015

Not everyone likes the British folk-rock band Mumford & Sons, but this song about a man’s bad luck with his ex-lover is one of their best songs.

Snake Eyes points to 2 in Craps, which is one of the worst results.

  1. A Little Less Conversation – A little less chatter

Artist: Elvis Presley

Release year: 1968

Elvis Presley played in Las Vegas on many occasions and will forever be associated with the city.

For directors who want to give their films that Vegas touch, just include one of Elvis’ songs in their movie and that’s it.

The song “A Little Less Conversation” was a hit in 1968, but had a revival thanks to the remix and use of scenes from the movie Ocean’s Eleven.

  1. Long live Las Vegas

Artist: Elvis Presley

Release year: 1963

Elvis produced a number of mediocre films in the 1960s, although their soundtracks clearly proved themselves on another level.

Viva Las Vegas gave Elvis’ car its name and also a movie that featured “The King” as a racing driver trying to win enough money to buy a new car.

Many bands have played this song, from ZZ Top to Engelbert Humperdinck.

  1. Casino Boogie – Casino Boogie

Artist: The Rolling Stones

Release year: 1972

Legend has it that the lyrics to the Stones song ” Casino Boogie” were made up of words and phrases randomly drawn from the music studio table.

The band therefore chose the words at random and gave life to the song. What do you think? Is that enough for a random number generator?

The band was not near any casino when the song was written, but in the middle of the French countryside at Keith Richards Castle.

  1. Spanish Train – Spanish train

Artist: Chris De Burgh

Release year: 1975

Many songs have mysterious journeys as their main theme, and the most famous are those of Kenny Rogers and Chris De Burgh.

Forget for a second “Lady in Red” because “Spanish Train” is a ballad starring a man who travels at night on a train in Spain and ends up meeting and winning cards against the Devil, where even God intrudes in the matter.

  1. Ace of Spades – Ace of Spades

Artist: Motorhead

Release year: 1980

In the 1980s, Motorhead, a British rock band, took the charts by storm with their three minutes of heavy metal.

As Lemmy said, “The only card you need is the ace of spades,” or “The only card you need is the ace of spades”.

This is probably not the best advice if you have a good blackjack strategy.