The 5 best jackpots ever won on slot machines

The 5 best jackpots ever won on slot machines

Progressive jackpot slots have been on the scene for ten years now, rewarding a lucky player with a prize pool, or a portion of it, created with funds played on a network of slot machines.

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With the increase in the number of online slots games and players attending the casino, the prize pools have also gotten bigger and bigger. Here is a list of the five highest slot slot game online malaysia wins  ever …

  1. The soldier who came home victorious

When: 2015

Winnings: £ 13.2 million

Where: Betway Casino

Game: Mega Moolah

In 2015 the record for the highest online slots win was broken thanks to the prize pool that the British soldier Jon Haywood won playing Mega Moolah.

The 26-year-old, betting only 25 cents, managed to activate the Mega Jackpot for a final win of 13.2 million pounds. Once converted into euros, the prize pool was just above the highest previously won on the Mega Fortune slot.

The slot, set in the jungle, features four levels of progressive jackpot and the highest Mega Jackpot starts at a base of 1 million pounds. However, the slot also offers lower brackets and thanks to the £ 10.00 Mini Jackpots even those who want to bet little can take home a prize.

Surprisingly, in 2017 alone 4.5 million euros were won thanks to Mega Molah. Who knows if anyone will be able to beat Jon’s win in the months to come!

  1. The Mega Fortuna slot sets the record

When: 2013

Win: € 17.8 million

Where: Online

Game: Mega Fortune

Before Jon Heywood broke the previous record with his Mega Moolah slot win, it was Mega Fortune, produced by NetEnt, that held several world records for online progressive jackpots. This slot, whose theme is based on money, won € 17,861,813 to an anonymous Finnish player in 2013.

It is rumored that the lucky one was a student over the years, but due to the Finnish laws we are sure he will have been presented with a considerable tax bill.

Winnings at Mega Fortune tend to come cyclically: the previous record, also for the online progressive jackpot, was set in 2011, with a Norwegian student winning € 11.7 million.

Like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune also offers different progressive jackpot levels, each with a different base value. Two of these are present exclusively in this slot: the “Rapid”, which starts at € 50, and the “Major”, from € 5,000. The Mega Jackpot is formed with the funds raised in all participating casinos and therefore can easily reach the value of 4 million euros.

  1. Megabucks never ceases to surprise

When: 2003

Win: $ 38.7 million

Where: Excalibur, Las Vegas

Game: Megabucks

IGT’s Megabucks physical video slot has been churning out millionaires since the mid-1980s. Although the themes of the individual Megabucks are variable, the slots that are part of the network are plentiful. As with online casinos, this means only one thing: staggering winnings.

In 2003, a young computer engineer put three dollars into the Megabucks slot at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas and managed to win by hitting the highest payline, scoffing at the odds of 1 in 49,836,032.

The jackpots won at the Megabucks slots are paid out over the course of 25 years, but even if the US Treasury takes a huge chunk of the winnings, we’re sure the young engineer will be settled for the rest of his life.

  1. The Megabucks slot scores a double

When: 1989 and 1995

Winnings: $ 4.6 million and $ 21 million

Where: Mirage, Las Vegas and Cannery Casino, Las Vegas

Game: Megabucks

The odds of winning a Megabucks prize pool are approximately one in 50 million; those of winning two are almost impossible to calculate. Instead, within just six years, a lucky American player managed to scoff at all odds: in 1989 Elmer Sherwin won $ 4.6 million at the newly inaugurated Mirage in Las Vegas and six years later, at the ripe old age of 92 years old, he again won the jackpot at the IGT slot. The Cannery Casino & Hotel was the location chosen by the WWII veteran, where he won $ 21.1 million.

The double winner donated much of their winnings to charity to help the population affected by Hurricane Katrina. Time, however, leaves no way out, not even for millionaires: two years after his second win, Sherwin passed away.

  1. Mobile casino games are added to the list

When: 2017

Win: € 8,012,153.35

Where: Online

Game: Mega Moolah

Winners can win astounding amounts of money not just online or at slots in brick-and-mortar casinos – more and more mobile casinos are awarding six-figure payouts.

A few years ago, a Canadian player grabbed what was at that time the highest prize pool he won playing in the mobile version. The lucky one, who remained anonymous, won 7.5 million Canadian dollars (6.02 million US dollars) on The Dark Knight slot and although the sum did not reach the peaks marked by the sister slot Mega Moolah, it certainly demonstrates the steps ahead made by the mobile sector in a very short time.

More recently, even Mega Moolah in the mobile version has made several players happy: in 2017 a prize pool of 8 million euros was won, the highest ever awarded.

As with all of Micrograming’s other progressive jackpots, the sum was awarded in one payment.